Stop Obsessive Thoughts

Stop Obsessive Thoughts

Stop Obsessive ThoughtsIf there is anything that will drive you crazy it is uncontrollable thoughts. The worst part is that they keep repeating over and over. If you can’t stop obsessive thoughts then you are not alone. Nearly everyone has had this problem at one point in their life. For most people the problem doesn’t last but for some, well, it just doesn’t stop.

 Obsessive thinking or obsessive compulsive thoughts is a condition that can be difficult to live with. It’s a form of OCD. And if you have this then you know exactly what I mean. It can shut you down and it seems that the harder you try to overcome it the more it happens. It’s like this. Don’t think of a pink elephant. The harder you try not to think about it the harder it is to get it out of your mind.

How do I know?

Because I’ve experienced it too! I know what you’re going through and coping with obsessive thoughts is hard to deal with at times.  The worst for me was when I would try to sleep at night. I couldn’t get my mind to shut up!

So how can I stop obsessive thoughts?

First thing I did was change my diet. I realized that when it happened I was eating on the go. I started eating stuff that I would now call junk. It wasn’t fast good but it wasn’t good for me either. I was skipping the fresh vegetables for quicker snack foods. Start by eating more raw vegetables. When a psychologist says that mental disorders are a chemical imbalance it almost always has to do with your diet.

Next is to relax. When it was occurring I was feeling a lot of anxiety because I wanted the thoughts to end. The more I wanted to stop obsessive thoughts the more anxious I got. The more anxious I got the more the thoughts occurred. It was a crazy cycle. But you need to break the cycle.

Is there help to stop obsessive thoughts?

Yes! There is!!

A good way to relax is to meditate with someone. You can get a guided meditation CD or even a self hypnosis CD. This allows you to focus on someone else instead of trying to not think of the pink elephant.

To really understand the condition I would recommend you check out Release the White Bear. It’s a book and audio program that goes into why this occurs and how you can stop it for good. You can download it from the link below.

 Stop Obsessive Thoughts

The bottom line is that they will not last forever. To stop obsessive thoughts you just need to make some minor changes. Just remember, this too shall pass…

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2 Responses to Stop Obsessive Thoughts

  1. Claudia says:

    I just wanted to thank you for this article and ask if there’s anything you would recommend for obsessive thoughts? See I’ve been struggling with these thoughts for about three months now and I’m afraid these thoughts are going to cause me to go into a depression. Please let me know I would appreciate it.

  2. edward galliart says:

    i have unwanted thought about not taking the deep sigh that your body takes

    it started with bad anesesia i couldnt catch those real deep stress r educing breaths i have been in a viscious cycle.i am in constant fear over my body losing that involuntary breath.what is bad i dont know how that fear could really make me think it is going to happen.fear is driving the thought/

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